Small details make the difference.

Let’s imagine for a moment that your project is located in Thailand …

Your sales team is Thai and they speak English too. Great.

But, your project is a resort where your target is foreigners. You may have clients from any country in the world, although you know that your main market is Asia, mainly Thais and Chinese people.

Probably many of them speak English, but many others do not.
How are you going to present the project to them?

If you want your customers to interact with your project, speak to them in their language.


When you speak in a common language with your customers, you’re more likely to find understanding, you communicate complex ideas better, and you’re more likely to find common ground and build trust. (If you could have a Chinese sales team, that would be great!).

Few real estate companies truly offer multilingual marketing materials (website for i.e) – the opportunity is huge! 🎉

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to attract abroad customers. Armed with the right tools, sales teams can present and sell projects to customers from all over the globe and improve the property buying experience. 

Take a look at Ocean Bay and see how they present and sell their project to foreign customers in Italy, France, Russia, USA and Latin America…

hauzd is an interactive 3D digital platform that supports any language in order to help you connect and engage with potential buyers from anywhere in the world.  You can share the URL of your project or embed it on your website or have it available in your showroom on cell phones, tablets and touch screens.

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