If you are a real estate sales agent, surely at some time you have had issues with clients who do not show up at meetings.

Here’s a real situation: 

One of your salespeople calls a potential real estate customer at their scheduled meeting time and the phone keeps ringing… No response.

She sent a short follow-up email to schedule another call and nothing …

The buyer is not showing up… does that sound familiar?

So as a real estate sales agent, what should you do when a potential sale is dependent on the customer’s responsiveness?

Don’t panic! 😱

In this video, I’ll show you some tips to effectively push your potential clients to show up at the meeting.


1) Don’t make assumptions

You should always think that there are many reasons why a potential buyer might have missed a meeting. It’s easy to assume that a potential customer who doesn’t show up is because they are too busy, and then allow that thought to determine how we interact with them later.

The only assumption you can safely make is to NOT to be 100% sure what happened.

You can’t know everything about your potential client’s schedule.

You must change your mindset and avoid making inaccurate assumptions or jumping to conclusions.


2) Avoid making the other person feel guilty

This strategy is not effective. Making someone feel bad is not good.

Guilt doesn’t speak well of you and your prospects won’t like it … 

Otherwise, try to be friendly and think that this situation of NOT being able to attend a meeting could happen to you too. Keep in mind this applies to all industries and businesses, real estate companies are not an exception.


3) Don’t overwhelm your prospects

It seems obvious, but it is not. You will not get a customer based on overwhelming him, rather you will annoy him.

Don’t call alternate numbers or your client’s wife or send a message on Facebook.

Think of it backwards. How many times have they called you over and over again from a call center to try to sell you a new internet service? They call you, then they call your wife, then they call you on your cell phone, then they send you an email …Try to be creative, but not pushy!


4) Try to send new, fresh information …

This surely sounds familiar: It adds value. Share useful and relevant content. 

For example: What kind of information or resources would have been helpful to them if they moved to the area or if they had questions about schools or current property values? 

If it is a new property, what design and decoration providers could you suggest?

Send them an email or a whatsapp with this info. Customers DO NOT want you to sell them, they want you to add value.

The aggressive and insistent salesperson is a thing of the past.


5) Try to reschedule the meeting

As a real estate sales person, always try to be positive and send your prospects a message reminding them that they can reschedule whenever they want, by clicking on the following link or by calling this phone number.

Most sales executives don’t have the time to create a powerful email that gets the customer to reschedule a meeting.

Using a generic template is not bad, but could be done better. 

My suggestion is to record a small video explaining why this call is really important for them and for you. What is that they will get from this call.


In the post below you will find a friendly template to help you get started.


Reminders are also important … Sending a friendly reminder an hour or so before a call, prepares your potential client and sets expectations. That can often help prevent no-shows from happening in the first place.

Alright, thanks for listening to me today. I hope you have an amazing day.

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