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Creating an app with Hauzd engine, requires software development?

There is no software development involved. You will focus on 3D modelling (low poly) with 3DS MAX. Hauzd engine exports/imports your entire scenes from 3DS Max and your UI design from AI files in two clicks. Additionally, you will specify texts for labels and names that appear in the app in a simple configuration file.

How is inventory pricing and availability controlled?

Your real estate client will get a login to a simple web based admin panel where they can change status and pricing information for all units which will be propagated to all installed apps within seconds. You can also hook in a CRM connection to drive the status and pricing automatically.

How much time does it take to create a 3D interactive presentation?

Your first project could take up to 2 months to create it with a full time 3D artist working on it. You are supposed to do it faster for the following projects, approximately 5 weeks.


What is the pricing of Hauzd engine for a 3D Architectural Visualization studio?

License fee (includes all software and hosting): Recurrent, per project fee which depends on the country where project is located.
Any new features that do not require app UI changes will be automatically applied to all hosted projects at no extra cost.
The project size and complexity do not change the monthly fee.

For how long Hauzd is going to charge me the “License and hosting monthly fee”?

You are required to pay a minimum period of 1 year. After the first year the fee is halved and you can stop and cancel project’s subscription at any time.

Is there any specific Hauzd services contract?

Once you get started, you will access our Admin control panel. By accepting our terms and conditions, it means that you agree our contract services. You can access our terms and conditions: http://www.rapturedline.com/Hauzd/terms-conditions/


Is it possible to customize the UI (user-interface) ?

Yes, UI is specified by Adobe Illustrator files where you can change everything: colors, buttons, fonts… It takes two clicks to import your design and you can launch the test version of your app to see your changes.

Is the scene illumination based within Hauzd engine?

Yes, Hauzd engine bakes the lighting of your scenes.

Is the scene's ilumination baked within Hauzd engine?

Yes, Hauzd engine allows you to bake all your scenes.

Do I have to create the shaders/materials within Hauzd Engine?

Hauzd engine imports materials along with all textures directly from 3DS Max.

Which kind of textures can I use for my projects?

Hauzd engine supports Jpg, Png file formats with/without transparency. Textures are square, power of two and up to 2048 by 2048 pixels. Hauzd engine will take care of all the hardware specific texture compression automatically.

How large are final project downloads?

Our final packages are usually only 50-100 Mb in size. Web version is able to stream the content and installed apps store the content locally so that internet connection is not needed to run the projects.

How long before the project is published after the work is finished?

After you upload the final project package to the hauzd cloud, your app will go live in 1-2 hrs.

Can I preview my 3D scenes?

Yes, Hauzd engine comes with scene viewer where you can preview your scenes. You can also launch the test version of your app to see your scene inside the app right after importing.

Can I use my own furniture gallery for 3D interior scenes?

Yes, if they are low poly models. We also provide several models for you to start with.

Hardware requirements

Hauzd engine is optimized to run in a large variety of devices

Windows PC devices

  • OS 7,10
  • Laptops and desktops dedicated graphics card recommended


  • All in one with capacitive touch screen:
    • DELL Inspiron 24 3000 Touch (with AMD processor)
    • DELL Inspiron 22 3000 Touch (with AMD processor)
    • DELL Inspiron 24 5000 Touch (with AMD processor)
    • HP Pavilion All-in-One – 24-x015z
    • HP Pavilion All-in-One – 24-r015z
    • HP Pavilion All-in-One – 24-r025m
    • HP Pavilion All-in-One – 24-r035xt
    • HP Pavilion All-in-One – 24-x025xt
    • HP Pavilion All-in-One – 24-b240
    • HP Pavilion All-in-One – 24-r045qe
    • Lenovo AIO 520 (24″)
    • Lenovo AIO 520 (27”)


  • General recommendation for big touch screens:
    • Capacitive Touch screen (not infrared)
    • Mini PC all in one: Intel HD 630 graphics card minimum

Android mobile devices

  • OS 5.0 and later
  • low-mid level phones and tablets: Snapdragon, Exynos, Mediatek..

iOS mobile devices

  • iPhone 5s or later
  • iPad Air (1st gen) or later

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