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Created by Alive Senses for City Edge Developments (Egypt)



Created by Archimesa for Desarrollo Bahia

Bilú Riviera

Created by Snapping for Altius

Casa Korsi

Created by Archimesa for Arco Properties (Casco Antiguo, Panama)

Urbano Ñuñoa

Created by Archimesa for Sencorp


Created by Vika Solutions for Urbanizar Pereira (Colombia)


Created by TIF for Angular


Created by Alive Senses for City Edge Developments (Egypt)


Ciudad del Saber

Created by Archimesa for Ciudad del Saber (Panama)

Bosque Dorado

Created by Flatvision for Grupo Lefevre (Panama)

Zlaty Kopec

Created by Sharpen Visual for Benuga Sro (Czech Republic)

OM Botánico

Created by Craft for Northbaires

Float Residences

Created by Sharpen Visual for Cyrela


Created by Snapping for Altius

Hauzd Engine 은 아키텍처 비주얼라이즈에 최적화 되어 있습니다.

Production time

Automatic publishing to all platforms

Small, web friendly packages

Developed exclusively for architectural visualization

Automatic 3D Map generation

2 click export-import to engine 

2 click export-import of UI design


3 months aprox.*


3 months aprox.*


4-5 weeks aprox.*

*마케팅에 언급했듯이, 각 프로젝트의 복잡도에 따라 상이합니다.

당신의 첫번째 인터랙티브 3D 프로젝트를 시작해보세요.

우리 서포트 팀은 여러분에게 다음 단계를 보여줄 준비가 되어 있습니다.

Hauzd에 대한 파트너들의 소견 보기

We’ve started creating one project for a big real estate developer in Montevideo, Uruguay, then the same client ordered one more.
Hauzd engine simplifies the process of creating a 3D interactive presentation, minimizing various manual tasks that take lot of time to do.

Alvaro Latarowski
Snapping from Uruguay

Our studio started developing mobile Apps 6 years ago, after a long absence we are coming back to business using Hauzd’s engine as main integration tool. For us is very important to mindset our clients with a unique presentation tool based completely on 3D models that you can explore, manipulate, rotate and zoom. Hauzd’s engine enables us to offer Multiplatform Presentations for our clients without the need of having one code team for each platform and reducing production costs

Rodrigo Ramos
TIF from Mexico

We have been working with Hauzd engine to create real-time 3D interactive experiences with our clients in Colombia through one of the most powerful channels nowadays: Mobiles. Their understanding for the real estate market needs in terms of software development is flawless for both of us, making our  business models grow according to the market needs. 

Felipe Hurtado
Vika Solutions from Colombia

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