This is a question that I have received many times … How to create a virtual meeting process?
Hey, I’m Dan, from hauzd and in this video I will show you 4 steps and some tools to create a virtual meeting with a potential homebuyer:
1. Landing Page:
You need to have a landing page for your project.
Is not the same having a website for your entire company than having a dedicated page for your project where visitors can see some information about the project that will make them contact you to learn more…
You want to make sure the visitors fill out the form so you can convert them from visitors to Leads and contact them right away.
So, what should you include in the landing page?
Project description, exterior renderings, types of Floorplans, Amenities and Location are the top ones…
Don’t forget to include the link to your hauzd project URL, such as “Click here to view 3D” or “Virtual 3D Tour” so they can explore everything in 3D and fall in love with your project before they contact you.
When creating a landing page, you can take a look at some easy to use tools:
c. Wix
2. Online booking: 
Your clients can book a call with your sales team directly on the web. Let them pick the date/hour of their convenience.
What makes a great scheduling app?
Flexibility, Calendar Syncing, Different ways to access it.
3. Apps for Videoconferencing
Buyers want to see the project before it’s built, so why should they spend time and money to go to your showroom? Some of them might want, but some would prefer to see it online…So, take a look at these applications for videoconferencing:
a. Zoom – most popular
4. Interactive Sales Tool
Well, now it’s time to present and sell your project virtually.
Why interactive applications?
Put on their shoes. They don’t know you in person, so make sure to use the best tool to engage them and make them feel in their future home.
At hauzd, you will have 2 options to show your project on a Virtual meeting:
a. Install the project URL on your Windows PC (does not require wifi to access the project)
b. Present the Project online on the browser (requires wifi).
Share your Screen and that’s it, you’re set!
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