It doesn’t matter what technology you have acquired… It doesn’t do magic on its own. You need to create a work environment around technology and clearly establish its objectives and constantly follow up with your team.
Trained salespeople means more sales…and in this video, I will show you 5 tips to motivate your sales team to use new proptech solutions.
This is a real story. A few months ago, a real estate developer approached me asking about our interactive solution.
The first and most important step in our sales process is understanding what the customer’s problem is and how we can help them. We call this “Discovery Call”.
In this case, their main problem was that they had too many marketing materials in different places and too much variety of floorplans, so the brochure and the price list were endless for both the sales team and homebuyers.
Since we were a good fit for them, we did the “Demo Call”, in which we showed them the software in action and later we made a proposal.
Whenever we deliver a project to our clients, we do an initial training for sales and marketing teams, because in the end, they are the ones who will use the tool.
Later, we do a follow up to understand how they are using the tool and if they need anything: training, resources, etcetera …In other words, this is that we call Customer Success.
In this case, after 1 month, the client told us: “The tool is excellent, but my sales team does not use it.”
I asked him “Why… Which is the reason?” And he told me: “I don’t know, after the training I sent the project URL to the sales team by e-mail …”
In other words, investment thrown away.
What happened is that this person understood the problem of his company, found the solution in hauzd, but did not involve the rest of Managers nor did he establish the solid bases for the technology to be used in his sales process by his entire team. .
Bottom line: It doesn’t matter what technology you have acquired… It doesn’t do magic on its own. You need to create a work environment around technology and clearly establish its objectives and constantly follow up with your team.
1. Give managers visibility.
From the beginning, in the evaluation stage, try to involve the top management of the company to receive their support in the implementation of the technology that you are going to acquire later.
Having the Directors or CEOs aligned will make things easier for you with the rest of the team.
2. Give people a reason to use it…
Adapting to any change is tough, and changing the way your team works is not easy. Before you invite everyone to access the new technology, make sure you have a compelling answer to “why.”
Your team needs to understand why you’re incorporating a new technology.
Establishing a solid reason why and specifying clear benefits will keep your team motivated.
First, envision success. By using the new tech… what are you going to achieve?
Identify clear pain points the new tech will help solve. Make sure these pain points resonate with your sales team. For example:
“With this tech, you will have all the info centralized. It will help you boost your sales by offering an amazing user experience with homebuyers. “
“You will know exactly which are the available units in real time, that will prevent double selling.”
3. Make an official announcement.
Once you acquired the tech, make an official announcement to the whole company.
I’m not saying you should organize a big party or a cocktail for everyone. Instead, you can create a Meeting or a Webinar where you will invite Marketing, Sales and top management levels and you will show overall “How it works” and the most important benefits of using it.
You can also show how similar companies are using this solution. When people see other “success stories”, they also feel motivated.
4. Trained salespeople means more sales.
Make sure to train your team on how to use the new tech. At hauzd, we offer webinars, one-on-one calls, help articles and product videos. Share these training resources with your team and ask them to learn about the tech.
Make sure to explain not just how to use the tool, but also where the tool will fit in your sales process.
5. Engage experts
Sometimes we call it “Tech Savvy” leaders.
There might be some of those fast learners who get the hang of things pretty quickly. If you pick them out, you can have them help the others. It would be more comfortable for their colleagues to learn from them as well.
I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.
See you in the next post,