2D + 3D Floorplans

Let your buyers interact with their future home

3D Buildings / 3D Masterplans

To navigate, find and understand your units

Virtual tour

Include all your 360 images inside the gallery and create your own virtual tour


Include hyper realistic images for interiors, exteriors, amenities (JPGs, PNGs)

Drone views

Show buyers the best views of each apartment

Digital Brochures

Include a link to your PDF brochures for buyers to download


Engage buyers with videos inside your 3D project

Price list

Your inventory updated in real time: price, status, area…

Location & Points of interest

Show the exact location of your project and nearest shops, markets, schools..

Augmented Reality

Physical mockups are a thing of the past. Augmented reality is the future

CRM integration

Connect your actual CRM to hauzd and sync your data in real time

Reservation and quote forms

Let your buyer request a quote from you or make the reservation.