Hey, it’s Dan from hauzd and today I will show you how hauzd interactive 3D projects can run on mobile web browsers.

But, first let’s understand why. 🤓

Letting your customers explore your project on their mobile devices without the need of downloading an application can remove some barriers.

But, this is not a must, it will depend on your marketing strategy, so you can talk to our team and we will discuss what’s best for you.

At hauzd, we run interactive 3D projects on web browsers, both desktops and mobile because we want to make sure that homebuyers will explore your project no matter which device they use.

And you still have the ability to Download the hauzd application on your mobile devices and Windows PCs and then explore the project offline. This is really useful for Sales Teams and Brokers. 

In order to activate Web-only mode, go to our Admin Panel, click on Information, then Link Mode and select “Web only” option. That means the project will open inside browser on all platforms, desktop and mobile. 

That’s it, done! 🎉