From now on, it is possible to integrate your Matterport virtual tour within the hauzd interactive digital platform.

If you still don’t know Matterport, here we tell you what this solution is about and how you can integrate it into hauzd.

Matterport is the standard solution for capturing existing 3D spaces …

It’s so much more than panoramic photos: Matterport lets you capture and connect spaces to create fully interactive 3D models in the cloud.


Several times we have been asked the difference between hauzd and Matterport; it is simple:

Matterport is the ideal tool to create a virtual tour of an apartment, house or office that is already built, that is, in which you can go with the professional camera that they provide or with your iPhone and capture all the spaces for get a link in the cloud, which you can share with any buyer or embed on any web page or marketplace.

Hauzd is the interactive 3D digital platform for the pre-sale of real estate projects that have not yet been built, from the outside to the inside of each of the project units, including the amenities, lobby or parking lots.

In addition, in hauzd you can have your inventory in real time connected to your CRM, generate leads and send quotes, among other features.

In other words, Matterport is a complement to hauzd.


If you have decided to build a model apartment or house to assist your sales efforts then you can integrate Matterport tour into the hauzd platform and thus show buyers what their future home or office will look like digitally.

You can embed any number of Tours you want, for example, of a specific unit type, amenities or the lobby.

To configure your Matterport, you must do it directly from the hauzd Administration Panel, within the project, click on “types” and there you must enter the Matterport ID: