If we put ourselves in the shoes of a buyer who is interested in a real estate project and lands on the project’s website, only sees images or renderings with many texts and descriptions, it could sound a bit boring and perhaps the opportunity to buy would be lost or the interest of the buyer.

One of the best ways to publicize the concept of a real estate project, in just a few seconds, is through videos.

Investing in a 1-minute video will always be profitable. Of course, make sure you have a good script and hire a creative visualization studio that has success stories from clients in the real estate world.

In this post we’ll show you why using videos on your website, social networks and even within the hauzd interactive platform could significantly increase “engagement”.

In other words, after having talked to hundreds of real estate developers, we have discovered that those who use videos allow them to “tell” a story that engage buyers.

A video summarizes the concept of a project or the lifestyle of the people who will live there, or it could even communicate the highlights to motivate buyers to fully explore the rest of the project.

If we think about other industries for a moment, we will see that there is a common pattern in the digital world: More and more short videos are used to communicate ideas, concepts, services, products, interviews, success stories, etc.

This has a reason for being; here are the numbers!

People remember:

✅ only 15% of what they “hear”
✅ only 35% of what they “see”


Conclusion: People remember 50% of what they “hear” and “see”.


In addition, Google loves videos … and, if they are from YouTube, even more so:

According to Google, your website is approximately 50% more likely to appear on the first pages of the search engine if videos are used on your website.

Our tip for today: Invest in a video, it will be useful for your website, social networks, advertisements, marketplaces and any other digital medium.

At hauzd, any online Video can be “embedded” in the platform through an icon.

Here’s an example:

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