I’ve seen many real estate companies using spreadsheets to manage their projects, prospects and inventory list…but, what’s wrong with that?
Nothing is wrong with that, unless you want to be behind your competitors.
Hey, I’m Dan, from hauzd and in this video I will show you 5 simple reasons why real estate companies should use a CRM to manage sales, marketing and support efforts.
1️⃣ Your time is limited. And time is money.
Think about this: How much time you spend your time looking for the contact details of a prospect or finding the quote you’ve sent them.
With a few clicks, in your CRM, you will find everything you need, from customer data to quotes, deals, reports, activities. You can lose your excel sheets, but CRM data is always there.
2️⃣ Track customer interactions with your company
When using a spreadsheet, how do you know how many times a prospect has interacted with a sales rep? Or what did they told you last time you talked to them? All of these can be stored in the CRM.
3️⃣ Your team must be aligned across your company
It happens a lot.
Sometimes one sales rep that is trying to sell to a customer that belongs to another sales rep.
A CRM can assign, automatically, which lead corresponds to whom and track all the activitie’s sales rep in one place.
4️⃣ Marketing and Sales should collaborate more
How many times you’ve heard about Marketing Vs. Sales.
Why does this happen if we share same company goals.
Most of the CRM’s, nowadays, provide a full connection between marketing and sales. That means, both can understand what is happening across the funnel. How many leads are being generated and then converted to customers? Which are the email campaigns that are getting us better results? All of these can be tracked in your CRM.
5️⃣ Saving time by automating some processes should be a priority
Trigger actions based on specific events it’s something that most of the CRM’s can handle nowadays. For ie: Let say you want to automatically send an email to a customer that clicked on your website or showed interest on one specific unit. Or, you may want to export a report of all the units reserved. There’s a lot that can be done to save your time, so you can focus on sales and not on doing manual work.
I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.
See you in the next post,