At hauzd, we have always been supporters in collaborating with recognized technology companies in the real estate sector. We believe that collaboration improves processes and facilitates the daily work of our clients.
Today we want to share great news with you! 💣
PlanOK and hauzd are already integrated to facilitate inventory management of projects developed and marketed by Chilean / Peruvian / Colombian real estate companies that have the PlanOK CRM and hauzd’s interactive 3D application.

What is the integration about?

Thanks to the integration via API, when the real estate developer updates its prices, availability and other properties such as area or number of bedrooms of the project in PlanOK, these will be automatically updated in the hauzd app, saving time in data entry!
In addition, we will soon have other features that are currently under development, such as the generation of Leads through forms in the hauzd app and automatically send to PlanOK for further management.
Our co-founder Dan Burdman, gives us more information about this partnership:
“This is the beginning of a new stage. We complement each other: we are experts in multi-platform 3D visuals, PlanOK is an expert in the management of commercial processes and real estate after-sales with a long history in the market that supports it.
We understand that each one offers different “solutions” that, when integrated, provide a better experience to the commercial teams of the real estate developers.”

About PlanOK

PlanOK is a Chilean company that has been leading the digital transformation in the real estate and construction industry for 20 years.
Its main commercial operation is in Chile, Peru and Colombia.
PlanOK has different modules for rent management, general commercial management, real estate after-sales, project management (Pinwin), purchases and tenders, document management, among others.
If you want to know more about this integration and how we can help you in your next project, schedule a DEMO with us here.