Interacting with prospects across websites, digital ads, social media, e-mail marketing, catalogs, mobile, or any other channel is what we call “omni-channel marketing” and it matters a lot. Why? Because you need to make sure that the buyers will get the message in the way they prefer.
Hey, I’m Dan, from hauzd and in this video I will show you 9 powerful ways to market your hauzd interactive project with sales teams and homebuyers.
1️⃣ One-on-One Virtual Meeting:
With the client by videoconference sharing screen and taking it where you prefer.
Remember that you can enter to the project on the web browser or download the hauzd app for Windows and once the project is installed, you Don’t need internet connection to explore it.
2️⃣ OpenHouse Meeting:
A Virtual Open House is a “live” event where you can use an online video conferencing platform (i.e. Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, etc.) to provide a tour of the property virtually.
Make sure to:
Post it on social media and create the event.
Send an email to your prospects with at least 2-3 weeks before the event is live.
3️⃣Embed on the Web
In general, real estate projects have their own website or Landing page where all the project information is. If you want to give buyers an exciting user experience, you can embed the hauzd application on the site. It’s easy: hauzd provides you with an HTML code that you paste it and boom! That’s it!.
You can send the URL of a specific apartment to the homebuyer, this way she will see that unit and not necessarily the rest of the project. How? Well, simple: If you enter the project in your web browser and go through each apartment, you will see that the URL will change… Copy and paste the URL into another tab on your browser and you will go directly to that unit.
If you already have the client’s contact, you can send her the URL by WhatsApp, that way the client can explore the project at any time without having to contact you again. As you know, whatsapp is the number one tool for instant messaging.
5️⃣Instagram or Facebook Ads
Or can be any other social network. Make sure to include your project URL on your Ad… Why? You’re inviting them to see your project or, another option is to point to a Landing Page and after they fill a form and you get their email and phone, your system can automatically send the project URL to the buyer.
Remind your sales team to share the URL on their own social media networks. We have seen that Linkedin works very well in some cases where you have a good number of contacts that could potentially be interested in your project.
Can be email marketing, such as a newsletter with the project link. Make sure to include a 3D screenshot or rendering that will point to that project link.
When sending a quote to one specific buyer, don’t forget to include your project URL, that way they can explore as many times as they like.
7️⃣Printed materials
If you have decided to use brochures or printed flyers, you could place a QR code that points to the URL of the project. The same could be done with any type of advertising.
8️⃣Showroom or sales center:
Install your application in the sales room, ideally on a Windows big touch screen. Clients fall in love with the project when they can play with it exploring all the spaces.
9️⃣Events and real estate expos:
If you decide to participate in a real estate expo or fair, make sure your sales team has the app installed on their mobile devices, and, if you have a touch screen, even better to generate that visual impact with buyers.
We know there are some sensitive information such as pricing and availability that maybe you don’t want to share publicly, that’s why we created “PINS”. It’s very simple: You only need to setup a pin number that will block or unlock pricing and availability information in the app. So, you will only share this PIN with people you want, for ie. Sales team, brokers or potential buyers.
Now, remember that these are different ways to share the URL of your project, it does not mean that you should use all of them. It will depend on your marketing strategy and the “buyer journey” of your client.
I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.
See you in the next post,