Imagine that a salesperson on your team is using an interactive 3D tool to sell the units and shows the client an available unit, but it turns out that later, when the salesperson is checking the CRM, that unit appears as reserved for another client … 🙁

Boom! 💣

Or, imagine it like this:

A client is at home exploring the link of the project and she is interested in one specific unit that is available, but then she contacts the seller to obtain more information and he tells her that the unit was sold (in the CRM appears as sold) … 😱

Here’s the solution:

At hauzd we are committed to facilitating the day-to-day life of our clients, integrating with recognized platforms of the real estate market such as Tokko.

Prices, Status, Sqm, baths, beds and other properties (soon also “leads”), can be updated on both platforms: Tokko CRM and hauzd.

To avoid doubleselling and align sales teams, it is necessary to integrate the sales tools you use, making them all speak the same “language”.

Having consistent data on the various platforms speeds up the commercial process, avoids errors and loss of time in daily management.

If you want to know more about this integration and how we can help you in your next project, schedule a DEMO with us here.


About Tokko Broker

Tokko is a CRM for real estate management, which connects with the different portals such as ZonaProp, Mercadolibre, Properati, Argenprop and Reporte Inmobiliario.

With clients in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay, Tokko is one of the most recognized CRMs in the real estate world.